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This portal is your online gateway to the information and resources at the school/institute. It provides you a range of personalized information as per your role. Staff and Management can manage their routine tasks whereas the students and their parents can keep themselves updated about the school’s activities. It is advisable to everyone to log-in the portal at regular interval so as to not miss any important information.

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Chairman's Message

विद्याददातिविनयं विनयाद्यातिपात्रताम ।
पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्रोति धनाद्धर्मंततःसुखम ॥

The process of education is ceaseless. The one who is satisfied with the knowledge is dead or worthless. Nothing can be attained only by dreaming but all the dreams can be fulfilled by doing. I believe in the wholeness of education and to achieve that goal, we at NVPS have been trying with our earnest endavour to empower the young generation to change the face of their future by providing them all requisite knowledge in all the spheres such as academic, curricular & co-curricular activities. We wish to have a socially responsible, morally flawless and stoutly built young generation which can shoulder their responsibilities in making India a prosperous and one of the greatest nations on this globe. To achieve this goal, we will have to initiate it from the school level.

Young generation believes in shortcut in reaching their final goal with the least effort as they have lost the power of patience, perseverance and tolerance, but I would like to remind them to the fact that success has no shortcut. The path of success is toilsome & ardous but your selfless and sincere efforts will certainly bring the fruit of success and a sense of self satisfaction.

I am sure NVPS will remain a land mark in revitalizing our young geberation and infuse in thwm the ancient values of education in the modern context to surpass the whole world in every sphere of life.

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